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"Tank konteynerini kengaytirish loyihasi" ning ochilish marosimi muvaffaqiyatli o'tkazildi

Vaqt: 2017-02-20 Xitlar : 156

In the morning of 12th February, the commencement ceremony of "tank container expansion project" was held grandly. This expansion project is under the major construction project of Nantong, it would be constructed by Nantong SiJiang Company, the building area reaches 38,000 square meters, with an estimated investment of 150 million yuan. After the completion of the project, it is expected to add 3,300 tank containers per year.

The successful commencement ceremony marks an important step forward in the construction of the project. We firmly believe that with the support and help of government leaders at all levels and the joint efforts of all employees of our company, we will successfully complete the construction of the project. A new, in line with international management standards of the modern factory, will stand up on this full of vitality land!