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Nantong Tank Container Co., Ltd'de (NTtank) Avrupa Temsilcisinin yeni rolü

Zaman: 2023-12-19 Hitler: 70

Nantong, Ocak 2024 - NTtank, yeni oluşturulan Avrupa Temsilcisi rolünün tanıtıldığını duyurmaktan mutluluk duyar. 1 Ocak 2024'ten itibaren bu önemli pozisyon Frank Bolte'a ait olacak.

Frank Bolte is a renowned logistics specialist for tank containers and tank wagons with decades of experience in various management positions. His extensive expertise and commitment to excellent customer service make him the ideal candidate for this role.

With the introduction of the European Representative, NTtank aims to strengthen and further expand its customer relationships in Europe and to shorten and optimize communication channels.

"We are thrilled to welcome Frank Bolte as our new European Representative," says Mr. Huang, President of NTtank. "With his extensive experience and expertise, he will play a crucial role in strengthening our customer relationships and further improving our service in Europe."

About NTtank: NTtank is a leading global manufacturer of tank and gas containers. With our many years of experience, we offer our customers specific products of the highest quality. Our goal is to always provide our customers with first-class solutions and outstanding service.


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