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Matagumpay na Naipasa ng "NTtank Expansion Project" ng Square Technology Group ang Pagkumpleto at Pag-inspeksyon sa Pagtanggap

Oras: 2018-08-14 Mga Hit: 64

On 13th August, our group organised the design institute, exploration unit, supervision unit, construction unit, housing construction bureau, quality supervision station and other units to carry out the completion and acceptance of the "NTtank Expansion Project". 

Acceptance process, the acceptance group listened carefully to the construction unit of the completion of the acceptance report, the "NTtankexpansion project" project body carried out a detailed field review, and carefully viewed the project information. After a comprehensive review, the acceptance of the main parties agreed that the "NTtankexpansion project" construction norms and legal, the quality of engineering entities in line with the design and specification requirements, all kinds of test and inspection information is complete, and finally passed the completion of the acceptance, marking the official completion of the project construction. 

tandaan:NTtankExpansion Project is a priority for Nantong City to support the development of "3+3" key emerging intelligent equipment industry, officially started on 12 February 2017, with a total construction area of 38,515 square metres.

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