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Aangepaste speciale tank
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Tank verwisselen

Tanktype:Type UN T11, T12, IMO4 portable;
Insulated, steam heated, without top side rails fitted.
capaciteit:30,000 -38,000 Litres +/- 1.5%
MGW:39,000 kg
Ontwerpdruk:4 Bar
Test druk:6 Bar
Externe druk:0.41 bar
Ontwerptemperaturen:-40 °C to + 130°C
Scheepsmateriaal:SANS 50028-7 WNr 1.4402/1.4404 (C<0.03%), gelijk aan 316L
Schaal: koudgewalste 2B-afwerking
Dished ends:Hot rolled or Cold rolled, and polished internally to 1.2 Micron CLA
Corrosion Allowance:0.2 mm
Main Frame Material:GB/T 1591 - Q355D of SPA-H (of gelijkwaardig)
Side Lifting Pockets:Not fitted.
Hoekafgietsels:To ISO 1161
Top: tank fitted with four ISO standard castings, width over casting: 2438mm. Obstruction plates welded in side facing apertures to prevent use.
Bottom: 4 off bottom castings, width over casting: 2550mm.
Handling Damage Protection:Miss stacking stub tubes fitted, protection plates fitted to top and bottom faces of frame members adjacent to corner castings, stainless steel wear plates fitted to side faces of corner posts at midpoints.
Tank End ProtectionTwo removable stainless steel bumper bars will be fitted in front and rear of the tank. Tack welded against thief.
Scheepsontwerpcode:ASME VIII Div.1/EN14025 where applicable
StapelenElke container goedgekeurd voor 3 hoog stapelen
Ontwerpgoedkeuringen:IMDG T11, ADR/RID-L4BN, CSC, TIR, TC


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