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NTtank deltog med succes i Transport Logistic-messen i München

Tid: 2017-05-09 Hits: 656

On 9th to 12th May, 2017, Mr. Huang Jie, chairman of NTtank, together with the deputy general manager, the head of the Marketing Department and its senior management, went to Munich, Germany to participate in the biennial Transport Logistic show (the international logistics exhibition).

On the first day afternoon, NTtank team held a grand celebration party for NTtank’s 10th anniversary, chairman Mr. Huang Jie made the opening speech on the reception, heartfelt thanks to the industry in the 10 years of support and accompany all the way, the event attracted the attention of many exhibitors and relevant parties in the industry.

After 10 years of development, NTtank has become a well-known domestic and international tank container supplier, the event is to improve the company's visibility in the tank industry, further promote the internationalization process of the brand, consolidate the position of the brand in the international market.

In the future, NTtank will accelerate the research and development of new products, constantly improve product quality, to provide customers with safer and more suitable products.

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