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Mae NTtank yn cychwyn cydweithrediad “craff” gyda chwmni telemateg yr Iseldiroedd IMT

Amser: 2019-10-24 Trawiadau: 582

IMT (Intermodal Telematics BV), the world leading independent telematics solution partner for the tank container industry, offering smart sensor technology and a software platform with which operators, container manufacturers, lessors and shippers obtain the insights to improve their product quality, efficiency and safety. The company offers generic as well as tailor-made telematics hardware and software.

NTtank established cooperation relationship with IMT by choosing IMT’s so-called ‘Pre-Kit’ to install on all their tank containers, and at no extra cost for new-builds. In addition, NTtank will become the exclusive sales agent in China (excluding tank container manufacturers) of the complete telematics solution of IMT.

The Pre-Kit includes a digital thermometer (Type WT17-Ex) and a bracket for the easy installation the Communication and Location Terminal (CLT). IMT calls the Pre-Kit ‘the preparation to change tank containers into smart tanks within 5 minutes’. With the installed Pre-Kit, the temperature can be checked in ºC and ºF on the tank container with an accuracy of 0.3°C and no calibration is ever needed. IMT holds a patent on this non-calibration technology. 

At the same time, a customer can upgrade its tank container at any time into a ‘Smart’ tank container in less than 5 minutes by installing the Communication and Location Terminal (CLT17-Ex) on the CLT-bracket and paying an activation fee for the WT17-Ex digital thermometer.