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What is an ISO Tank Container?

May 13,2024

What is an ISO Tank Container?



An ISO storage container compartment, designed for transporting fluids, gases, and powders, adheres to ISO standards and is movable by road, rail, or water. NTtank ISO  tank container are highly efficient for bulk liquid transport, providing insulation for temperature-sensitive materials and eliminating the need for extra packaging.


These containers, meeting ISO standards, can carry both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids in bulk. Featuring a cylindrical shape with various protective layers, they possess a corrosion-resistant inner coating made of stainless steel, ensuring secure transportation without leaks. They are suitable for transporting a variety of fluids, including water, hydrogen peroxide, acids, alcohol, resins, and mining chemicals.

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The specialized ISO tank storage containers, like liquid storage containers, are engineered with a sturdy structure, connection materials, and sealing systems, available in different sizes for efficient and secure intermodal transportation between trucks, ships, and trains.

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Applications of these containers include transporting molasses, dairy products, chemicals, food additives, and liquid petrochemicals. The NTtank special ISO tank are particularly useful for gases such as liquid petroleum gases, natural gas, and LPG. The containers come in various capacities, and specific options are available for liquids that may become viscous at certain temperatures.


Intermodal transportation of liquid chemical products using ISO tank containers can reduce costs, the carbon footprint, and safety concerns. Selecting a provider with advanced software solutions is crucial for managing daily container operations effectively.


Safety is a top priority for ISO Storage Container Compartments, capable of transporting hazardous materials, liquids, and gases. These containers must be approved, pressure-tested, cleaned, and inspected before each use to ensure their suitability and safety. The NTtank liquid tank are equipped with safety features like burst disks, air release valves, and protective coatings to withstand chemical exposure and prevent damage.


Maintenance of ISO Storage Container Compartments is essential for their safe, efficient, and cost-effective operation. These containers can be transported by road, rail, or truck following ISO regulations. Regular inspections and cleaning are necessary to restore the integrity of the coating and extend the container's lifespan. Proper maintenance ensures continued safety, performance, and longevity.

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