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What is an ISO Tank Container?

December 05,2023

What is an ISO Tank Container?

A steel container known as an ISO tank container is made to carry liquids, powders, and gases. These containers may be transported by road, rail, or water and were constructed in accordance with ISO requirements.

They are among the most effective means of moving liquids in bulk. In addition to being secure, they can maintain a specific temperature for temperature-sensitive goods and don't need any additional packaging materials.

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A tank container like Baffle Tank that is designed to the ISO standard is known as an ISO tank container (International Organisation for Standardisation). Both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids can be transported in bulk using this method. Depending on the type of cargo, it has a cylinder-like shape and is encircled by various sorts of protective layers.

They are created with a corrosion-resistant inner shell made of stainless steel. By doing this, the container is made safe for transit and is guaranteed not to leak during shipping.

Numerous liquids, including water, hydrogen peroxide, nitric acid, sulphuric acid, and alcoholic beverages, can be transported in these containers. They are also perfect for moving resins and chemicals used in mining.

These tanks such as liquid tank are made with a mechanical frame, connection materials, and locking mechanisms and come in a range of sizes. This makes it possible for them to be moved quickly and safely between different transportation methods, including trucks, trains, and ships.

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Molasses, milk, dairy products, chemicals, food ingredients, and liquid petrochemicals are just a few of the many liquids and gases that special tank containers are excellent for storing and transporting. They are helpful for transporting gas products such liquefied petroleum gases, fuel, gasoline, and LPG.

They come in various capacities, ranging from 21,000 to 27,000 liters in a conventional frame (although some tanks are available with capacities outside this range). For liquids that can become viscous when stored at specific temperatures, such as phenol and lubricants, specialized ISO tank containers are provided.

Liquid chemical freight can benefit from intermodal transportation since it can lower costs, their carbon footprint, and their safety problems. To manage daily tank container operations, it is crucial to choose a carrier that can offer cutting-edge software solutions.


A type of shipping container known as an ISO Tank Container may move hazardous goods, gases, and liquids. These containers are long-lasting and constructed in accordance with ISO requirements.

These tanks like sulphuric acid tank must be approved and pressure tested to ensure they are fit for purpose. Safety is a top consideration. Before being used for their next load, they must also be examined and cleaned.

They are typically protected with protective coatings that can withstand corrosive chemicals and strong chemicals to prevent harm to the tank. However, after time, some coatings will require replacement.

These kinds of tanks have safety features like burst disks and air discharge valves in addition to protective coatings to guard against harm. Additionally, they have thermometers that gauge the exterior of the tank's temperature.


The safe, dependable, and economical ISO Tank Containers are made to handle the transfer of bulk liquids. They provide more flexibility and efficiency when shipping bulk liquids throughout the world than drums, flexibags, and totes while also being simpler to handle.

These containers or Diesel Tank can be shipped, railroaded, or transported by truck according to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) regulations. They are made to endure pressure from heavy machinery and be weather-tight.

They have a coating that shields the interior from corrosive substances that can cause the shell to crack or detach. This can happen when individuals use tools and big hose connections to operate on the tank or surrounding it.

In order to restore the integrity of the shell, a technician can clean and replace only the portions of the protection coating on the ISO tank that have come off. If the tank like Reefer Tank is properly maintained, its useful life can be increased. To ensure continued safety, effectiveness, and long service life, regular inspections and cleaning are required.

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