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Top 5 iso tanks in France

December 07,2023

Top 5 ISO Tanks in France

ISO tank containers are used to transport bulk liquids such as water, oils, and sulfuric acid. These containers like sulphuric acid tank are made of stainless steel and are encircled by protective layers and skins to prevent leaks.

They are additionally insulated to keep the contents warm or cool. They include a mechanical frame that allows them to be stacked on top of each other for easier storage or transit.

If you are confused about which type of ISO tank is suitable for your shipment and have no idea of the distinct ISO containers. This article elaborates on diverse types of ISO containers and their usage.  Load Board Logistics, Best Freight Company, Flatbed load board, freight transportation, Cargo Shipping Company, All freight trucking, Dump trailer, Flatbed loads,


NT Tank

ISO Tanks are containers used to transport bulk liquids by road, rail, and sea. It is usually insulated and has inherent heating and inert gas blanketing.

These liquid tank can hold up to 25,000 litres of goods. They are available in common sizes, but can also be customized to meet special requirements.

NT Tank is a well-known and trustworthy supplier of high-quality tank containers. It has a large manufacturing base and a global distribution network.

This company has established positive ties with major lessors and operators all around the world.

Furthermore, NT Tank has a diverse product line that includes a 20ft ISO tank, lined tank, reefer tank, electrical/glycol heating tank, food grade tank, and AHF tank. It also offers a wide range of special and customized products to customers. They also provide customer service to guarantee that activities run smoothly. Furthermore, they are dedicated to producing high-quality, long-lasting tanks.

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Welfit Oddy

Welfit Oddy is a well-known company that has been in operation since 1892, when it began manufacturing wagons and Cape carts. It is now focused on designing and producing tank containers used to transport bulk liquids.

Welfit oddy is dedicated to innovation and constant progress. They are always developing new designs and methods of reducing the weight of swap tank containers.

Despite earlier obstacles, the company has managed to increase its annual output over the years. It is the world's second largest tank container manufacturer, with 95% of its output exported.

Welfit Oddy not only designs and manufactures tank containers, but also refurbishes obsolete tanks. This entails dismantling the vessel, recladding it, and repainting it.


Dry freight containers, foldable flatrack containers, open top containers, reefer tank containers, offshore containers, and other specialized containers are all manufactured by Singamas. It also manages cargo depots and logistics.

The company's manufacturing facilities in Shanghai, Xiamen, and Huizhou, China, have an annual capacity of 320,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs). To provide customers with complete logistics services, Singamas has created a comprehensive network of container depots and terminals.

Singamas, despite being one of the world's leading container manufacturers, is attempting to realign its business emphasis. It plans to expand into the manufacturing, research, development, and sale of specialty containers, such as those used to transport chemicals or solar power systems or modular data centers.

Since its founding, Singamas has been a prominent container maker, and it is devoted to expanding its manufacturing capabilities and product range to better meet the needs of clients. Strategic investments in container technology, automation, and environmental protection have aided the group's ongoing expansion and progress.


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