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NTtank successfully passed the ASME certificate renewal joint audit

Time : 2023-09-27 Hits : 112

From September 25 to 26, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the Authorized Inspection Organization (AIA) conducted a two-day on-site review of the U/U2/R steel seal certificate held by the Group's subsidiary NTtank (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"). Senior leaders of the company and ASME system responsible engineers attended the first and last meeting of the on-site review.

At the first meeting, Zhang Yuzhong, Vice president of technology, made a brief report on the overall operation of the company's ASME quality management system, organizational structure and product information within the certification renewal cycle to the review expert group. At the same time, he asked all departments to take the audit seriously, and actively respond to the opinions of the audit team to implement improvements.

During the two-day review, the expert group reviewed the quality assurance operation control documents of the company's ASME system, conducted a compliance review of the company's ASME product design, materials, manufacturing, inspection, welding, non-destructive testing, heat treatment, metrological physical and chemical management, etc., and conducted a welding demonstration of ASME steel seal products in the container manufacturing workshop. At the same time, the documents of the company's past steel printing products were spot-checked. During the whole review process, the expert group and the responsible engineers of our company's ASME system had a question-and-answer exchange on the operation control of the system and the standard requirements of the code, which further deepened our understanding of the ASME standard code.

At the last meeting, the head of the Joint Inspection Unit, on behalf of their group, expressed his high recognition of the company's quality management operation and affirmed that the company has the ability to design and manufacture products under the ASME standard. Finally, the Joint Inspection Unit announced the conclusion of the review: to recommend to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers to issue a certificate in accordance with the scope of qualification applied by our company.

Finally, the senior leaders of the company expressed their gratitude for the review and guidance of the Joint inspection expert group, and proposed that the company will take the renewal work as an opportunity to deepen the understanding of ASME standards and specifications and continue to improve the design and manufacturing level of products. The successful passing of ASME certification review indicates that the company continues to have the design capability and manufacturing level of ASME code products, and continues to improve and innovate on the basis of the code to further meet customer needs.


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