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NTTank New Standard Tank Workshop Inauguration Ceremony has been successfully held.

Time : 2018-05-19 Hits : 1059

On 19th May 2018, NTTank has held the new standard workshop inauguration ceremony. All the company executives and more than 160 customers and partners from all over the world have attended the ceremony, witnessing another glorious moment in the development process of NTTank.    

At the welcome meeting of the inauguration ceremony, Mr. Jie Huang, Chairman of NTtank, made a speech to express his heartfelt thanks to the guests for their coming, and watched the theme of the welcome party video” Ingenuity” with the guests, afterwards, the marketing team showed the guests the new standard workshop. At the dinner, the special tribute from the marketing team and the Chinese characteristics instrumental music program brought the atmosphere to a climax.

NTTank will take this good opportunity of putting the new standard workshop into production; rely on rich design and production experience, and excellent technical research and development personnel and management team, with the leading tooling equipment and modern production technology, continue to produce high-quality products with ingenuity, and create a new height of tank container development. 

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