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Customized Special Tank
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Teflon Lined Tank

Tank Type:20’ ISO full frame collar tank, Type UN Portable T14 PTFE lined tank
Un-insulated, non-steam heated, top side rails fitted.
Frame Dimensions:6058 x 2438 x 2591mm
Capacity:20,000 Litres +/- 2%
M.G.W.:30,480 kg
Tare (est.): 4,780 kg (without lining) +/- 5%
Max Payload:25,700 kg
Working Pressure:4 Bar
Test Pressure:6 Bar
Max. Allowable Vacuum0.41 Bar
Design Temp:-40°C to +93°C
Vessel Material:ASTM A240 304 Hot rolled No.1 finish
Lining Material:3 mm PTFE or equivalent
Shell Thickness:5 mm Nominal
Ends Thickness:8 mm Nominal before forming
Frame Material:GB/T 1591 - Q355D or SPA-H
Frame to Shell:304 stainless steel
Corner castings:ISO 1161 - 8 off
Vessel Design Code:ASME VIII Div 1
Radiography:Shell:ASME Spot
10% dished Ends:ASME Full
Inspection Agency:LR or BV
Stacking:Each container is approved for 10 high stacking
Design Approvals:IMDG T14, CFR 49, ADR/RID, CSC, TC, TIR, ISO, US DOT


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