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Established in May, 2007, NANTONG TANK CONTAINER CO., LTD (NTtank) is a professional ISO tank container manufacturer located in Nantong, Jiangsu, China, close to Shanghai.

NTtank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nantong Square Cold Chain Equipment Co., Ltd (now Square Technology Group, Stock Code: 603339), which is one of the largest freezing equipment manufacturer in the world.NTtank supplies both standard ISO UN Portable tanks, with the capacities range from 6,300 litre to 38,000 litre, and also wide ranges of special tanks like SWAP Tanks, Reefer Tanks, Electrical Heated tanks, Different lining tanks, AHF acid tanks, High purity ammonia tanks, T20/T22 tanks, T50 gas tanks, 29.5KL/ 30KL Square shape tanks, offshore tanks and other small pressurized / none pressurized IBC for liquid products and gas storage and transportation.With integrated knowledge and a fierce commitment to quality and the most advanced manufacturing facilities, like France plasma/ TIG welding machine,Sweden Roller,America SAF/MIG automatic welding and TIG manual welding, automatic 3D pickling passivation equipment, and X-ray real time test system etc., NTtank strives to be one of the top tank manufacturers in the world.The faith of NTtank is to provide its customers with tanks and services of the highest quality and reliability consistent with sound commercial practices and economic consideration.We are driven to meet and exceed your expectation.

Guided by the market demands,concentrating on customers,deeming talents as assets,giving top priority to high quality;



2008 The first trial tank container successfully manufactured.


The application of completely PU foaming super insulation technology of tank fulfilled the need of international market. The ultra-low light framework passed railway impact test and successfully entered the Japanese market.


Offshore tanks have been put into the market and successfully entered the field of Offshore oil exploitation. The quality of offshore tank has been quickly recognized by customers, and the sales volume ranks first in the world.


NTtank successfully obtained ASME U stamp certification; SWAP tank passed German railway impact test, which indicated NTtank had been into the large volume tank container manufacturing field.


To meet the diversified transportation requirements of customers, SBC tank had been successfully developed. In the same year, NTtank obtained ASME U2 stamp and R stamp certifications.


Newly developed U2 gas tank successfully passed the railway impact test in Qiqihar. Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride tank, high purity ammonia tank and other special tanks stay at the heading level in the field.


NTtank obtained the design license of C3 special equipment, which marked our company's ability and qualification to design liquefied gas tank container and pressure vessel independently. .


Advanced new standard tank container workshops put into use, NTtank possesses the annual capacity of 8,000 standard tanks as well as 2,000 special tanks.

Quality Control

We Insist Quality for the Most Important!

Quality Assurance

Every tank is witnessed with hydraulic test, air tight test, radiography test, etc.

Quality Assurance

With world’s advanced production machine, strict quality control on every production step.

Quality Assurance

Every tiny detail deserves our close attention, and every little action is an integral part of the company’s workforce.

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