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What We Do

Design and manufacture the tank products, to enable the intermodal logistics and transportation for liquid & gas products all over the world!

ISO Standard Tank line

For hazardous/non-hazardous liquid chemicals, food liquid, and general liquid products, covered by ASME, GB, European standard, etc. to serve the world market unimpeded.

ISO Standard Tank
Customized Special Tank

Customized Special Tank line

NTtank entered the new market, involve in Chip, lithum, photovoltaic solar and other emerging industries, to supply multiply types of customized designed tank products to these industries.

Industries Applications

Choose Your Industry

ISO tanks are used in various industries, such as logistic transportation, energy and chemical industry, marine exploration, liquid food, electronic materials, etc. Which industry are you in?

  • Logistic Transportation
  • Energy and Chemical Industry
  • Marine Exploration
  • Liquid Food
  • Electronic Materials
Who We Are

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Who We Are

Established in May, 2007, NANTONG TANK CONTAINER CO., LTD (NTtank) is a professional ISO tank container manufacturer located in Nantong, Jiangsu, China, close to Shanghai. NTtank is the first wholly owned subsidiary of Square Technology Group. (Stock Code: 603339), besides NTtank the group has other five wholly owned subsidiaries and one research institute...

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Why Choose Us

Our experience in process testing and top-notch production facilities ensure your tank is built to the highest standards. With many successful cases in ISO tanks, trust us to deliver quality and reliability. Contact our experts to find the perfect tank for your industry.

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Professional Manufacturer of Tank Containers
Your Best Partner in Logistics

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How do Customers Evaluate Us

Our customers majorly include world tank lessors, operators, logistic companies, end users, etc.

Ouality Control

We have worked with NTtank for many years by using their produced ISO tanks. NTtank’s products are very good in quality, and advanced in technical design, with lighter tare weight, good strength in intermodal transportation, which enable us for booming business in the world logistic market!


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